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Assalamu’alaykum dear brothers and sisters,

We are the muslims of Hiroshima-shi (Hiroshima City), Hiroshima, Japan.

This blog is launched to allow us to promote Hiroshima-shi Mushala, located in Kasumi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, Japan. We are affiliating ourselves with the Hiroshima Islamic Council/Hiroshima Islamic Cultural Center in Higashihiroshima-shi (Higashihiroshima City), Hiroshima, Japan.

We hope the mushala will be a convenient place for our muslim brothers whose looking for place to pray (sholat), as the place, insha’ Allah, is always open for public. If you happen to be in time for praying during your visit in Hiroshima City whether you are in business trip, leisure, or study in Japan, feel free to use the mushala.

Access the desired information from this website regarding our mushala:

The mushala is also serving for weekly Jumu’ah Prayer which usually starts between 12:30 – 12:45 JST.


(Copied from the original page in HICC Website)

Dear All,

As announced earlier, Upgrading HICC from a Registered Social Organization to a Religious Organization is becoming closer to our hands than ever before. The new Religious Organization “Hiroshima Islamic Council” is a religious organization to be registered in Hiroshima under the Japanese company law. It shall work on promoting peace and Islamic teachings in Hiroshima and Japan. It also shall take the lead of Islamic cultural activities and administrate the Islamic Cultural Center and other Mosalas in Hiroshima.

The Working Group (WG), that was established by HICC for the purpose of drafting the HIC regulation, has completed its Job. And the HIC’s regulation and its appendixes were approved through a public hearing session. (The final approved version of the regulation can be found here)

Based on the HIC regulation, only registered members are to be considered as a general members of the organization, and only registered members are illegible for the privileges of general members. Any Muslim who is residing in Hiroshima Prefecture and has at least 18 years old is eligible to be a general member of HIC.

We encourage all the Muslims in Hiroshima to complete their registration to the HIC Database for better representing of Islam in the prefecture. The procedure of applying to membership is available online now. Please visit the registration site on Membership menu and complete your registration by 20th of July 2016.

Best regards,


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